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  2. Fill only the information which is available with you and leave empty which is not available with you.
  3. Select the date of test earlier undergone and also select the date of test latter done.
  4. Also if possible scan and attach your test results in order to understand and review your test reports better.
  5. Doctors and institutions can fill up more than 1 form with the same email address however for different patients mention the name, sex and age correctly.



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What is HIV/ AIDS
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  • HIV life cycle
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Getting Tested for HIV
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Starting Support for HIV
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  • Side effects and other problems
Prevention against HIV
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Guidelines & support
  • Increase CD4 count naturally
  • Relieve intermittent fever
  • Stop diarrhea & loose motion
  • Increase the body weight
  • Prevent against Opportunistic infection


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